A Fine Art collection of 5,555 NFTs on ETH blockchain, generated from 301+ hand drawn traits by our artist Juju. Artsies are inspired by pop art, fashion, fluidity, gaming, anime, and pop culture, combined into a playful, hybrid-utopian space. We promote freedom, creativity, mental health & equal opportunities for all.

Holding an Artsy gives membership to a worldwide, online Art-hub, connecting creatives, art lovers, collectors, and visionaries which can meet via exclusive art, fashion & music events IRL & in Web 3.0. By joining the Collective, you support young artists and women in tech. You also become early investors of an up-coming artist’s work. 

All works are certified and protected by copyright laws.

perks of ownership

Web3 education, mental health support, Art classes, workshops & mastermind groups
50 Fine Art canvas & 100 posters signed by IRL artist Juju gifted to first holders
aRTSY membership
VIP access to fantastic IRL & Web 3.0 exhibitions, fashion shows, parties & music events.
Grants & exhibition  opportunities for holders.
Holders priority to
exhibit in our online gallery.
Collectors gain private and early views from these new talents
Fashion collection designs by Juju that can be worn IRL & in the Metaverse - garments, caps, bags, Kimonos, discounted for holders.

the art fund

10% of our first round of sales will be injected into the Art Fund & redistributed between 3 charities. We wish to support people in creating the life they desire.
founding a project based on community
promoting freedom, fluidity & inclusivity
encouraging self-exploration through creativity
building a hub where artists & art lovers can network
We believe that humanity's innate creative nature is incredibly empowering. It is at the heart or our digital utopia. We wish for it to manifest in real life and positively influence our future.


main collection
Make up
capsule collection

mint map

Building an Art Hub where artists, creators and collectors of all levels, mediums and experience for collective growth.
We encourage cross-disciplinary exchanges, multi-faceted and fluid personalities, and give new creators access to a friendly artsy community where they can feel comfortable sharing their art for the first time.
Giveaway to team members & early believers
Pre-Sale: DATE TBA 

Pre-sale lists x 2
We’ve tailored the distribution of Pre-sale with our early believers and supporters in mind, and give chance to those who just discovered the Artsies to be part of our Collective.

OGs: 0.025 ETH + 2X MINT PASS 
Creators: 0.055 ETH + 3X MINT PASS 
+ Pre-sale List Art lottery: 50 lucky members win a signed canva 


Collection Launch and reveal! The Artsies Collective’s Fine Art collection will be available to MINT here on our website, PRICE & DATE TBA. 3X MINT PASS

Art Fund donations 

10% of primary sales to our 3 partner charities supporting artists, women empowerment through digital education.

Community wallet 

Artsies Collective wallet is open and deposited with 10 ETH 


Manifesting a hybrid, expressive & fluid Artsy Utopia IRL and in Web3.0 

Primary holders perks- 5% of secondary sales for life → We are glad to make investing in Fine Arts collectibles possible for everyone & anyone. We are proud to empower our community through one of the first computer generated Fine Art collections in the NFT world, made by an up & coming artist.


Juju’s designer Kimonos, wearable IRL → 5 lucky owners receive free kimonos, the rest of the collection can be purchased by holders only via our website.


Hosting eclectic & unforgettable events across Lisbon, Paris, London & other cities.
We will exhibit new artists and musicians/ Djs, followed up by sensational parties.

Exclusive access for our global Artsy members! Dress up, get wild and loose yourself to dance! 
Exclusive access to all of Juju’s future exhibitions and Fashion shows. 


Artsy exhibitions and Fashion shows in the metaverse: an opportunity for like-minded people to gather and connect virtually around innovative and futuristic shows. Holders exclusivity.


Through our  art-hub, we create an inclusive and eclectic space where inspiring artists can talk about the relationship between their creative journey, self-development and mental health. Doing so, we hope to inspire all to embrace their inner genius without fear. 


We are committed to keep spreading our message and grow
our beautiful artistic community with other Artsy minds. We will be doing partnerships and collaborations with artists, brands, and galleries that align with our values and vision.

STUDIO 3.0 (2023) 

Creation of a studio where we will welcome, empower and support young artists of our community to launch their Art both IRL and virtually.


A 100% Female led project, Co-founded by Nashka and Juju. If the project is women led, we offer a warm and inclusive space for all genders.

We are sisters, best friends and partners from France, and raised in London. We are passionate about traveling the world and discovering its infinite wonders. Growing up in such a d eclectic city, we have always been intrigued and inspired by multiculturalism and individual styles. This have shaped us to share the same values: openness, freedom of expression and inclusivity.It is our first time combining our two professions, creative personalities and involvement in mental health for a project with a long term vision..

Meet the team

Juliette - Co Founder & Artist

I am Juju, 26 yo, fairy and pluri-disciplinary artist: I mix visual arts, music & fashion design. I am very inspired by cultural hybridisation, personal styles as a reflection of fluidity in the self, playing with gender codes, and the links between physical & digital art.

Through my art, I also aspire for people to embrace their multifaceted personality and inner, passionate and unique creative side. Having been through my own healing journey, I strongly believe doing so benefits our mental health, and lays the foundation for a more balanced & peaceful society.
After my second year at Central Saint Martins, I visited Natacha in Lisbon, where she introduced me to Nfts with a cheeky smile. I was instantly charmed - having had an online gaming chilhood (nintendo, runescape, neopets, the sims, the urbz), I really understand the emotional attachment for JPGs - I used to go mad for my neopets and create fan art for hours on Window’s paint.
I was also incredibly excited to integrate the generative art technology to my art and design practice, so I decided to stay in Lisbon to build this Fine art collection inspired by my passions for fluidity, art, design, gaming and self-discovery for mental health, around a beautiful online community. Feel free to read my artist statement for extra info + how/where the first Artsy ever was made! :)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juju_manju/

Natacha - Co Founder & Team Leader

I am Natacha - IRL, I am a life and business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world, by being aligned with themselves and having a conscious business. I am passionate about helping people finding their creative sweet spot & fully step into their power.

I am so grateful to say that this is also a core message of our Collective, and that the mental health aspect of our community comes as a no brainer here. Since I moved in Lisbon in June 2021, my interest & excitement for Web3 opportunities never stopped growing. I really feel the potential for this fascinating technology to boost us and make positive changes in a very smooth way. Especially, by virtue of its inclusivity, mental health pillar & community importance. When I arrived in Lisbon, I discovered a hub that mixed technology, creativity, and human progress. This drove my desire in creating my own NFT project. I instantly thought: who best to partner with then my artsy sister Juju? And with serendipity, she came to live here. That's how it all started and I am grateful we are combining our different passions for a greater purpose. To learn more about me, please feel free to visit my links below.

Website: https://www.natachacottu.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natachacottu/
Yahoo Finance:

team members
Ruben- Obsessed with maths and coding, Ruben is also part of the famous Voyagers music band. A real life representation of our ArtCs - he is part of our tech team!
Multitasking is her forte, connecting with people is her passion. Chloe is driven by helping the World be a better place and will say yes to any project that reassembles her. She is our head of communication.
Data science and sleep are the two things that resonate the most with Julien; when he’s not on his computer, he’s in bed. He is of course our other tech genius!
He’s got eyes everywhere. You’ve just heard about a new NFT trend? Chances are Max has been on it for a few months already. Always ahead of the game, he is the Artsies’ project compass!
+ A very special thanks to Adersh, Spiky, MILLY, NFT Williams, Michael, Motion B, Grinder, Tristant, Hugo, Alex, Boost designs, Will, Tarik, Berno, Peter, Finn, Andrea, Arthur, Jean O, Jean, Pablo, Giorgio, Richie, Bruno, Joe, Yannick, Cyril, Paul, business angels and our amazing online team from all over the world, who made this possible, and, of course, last but not least, our amazing community for their enthusiasm and for supporting us in our growth! (And our mom <3 ).


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